KwizFun is an exciting new mobile game platform providing real-time multi- player custom trivia games and services. Games are played Team-Against-Team in a fun, live environment. The KwizFun team provides services to enable nonprofit and community organizations to raise funds, advertisers to reach an engaged audience and much more.

Founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs, technology experts and executives, KwizFun was created to set a new standard for the Trivia Industry. The industry’s roots are in the UK where an enterprising young couple criss-crossed the country selling Pub Trivia to bars and restaurants as a means of bringing more patrons to their establishments on slow nights. Those efforts led to the development of the Trivial Pursuit board game and eventually to Pub Trivia in the US and other countries.

Today there is KwizFun. Paper and pencils are no longer required, players use their mobile phones to play. Loud music does not create the atmosphere, the themed games and engaging questions do. Trivia is no longer confined to bars and restaurants, players can join from home, the park, the mall – anywhere, and advertisers can reach them wherever they are. Literally anyone – nonprofits, companies, bars, restaurants, airports or radio stations – can host an event.

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